Tuesday, 26 January 2010

So the law knows the fetus is a human being after all

Woman guilty of cutting baby from womb
By Dan Nephin, AAP January 26, 2010

A judge has found a woman guilty but mentally ill of murder for cutting a baby from the womb of a pregnant teenager, killing her.

Allegheny County judge Jeffrey Manning on Monday convicted 40-year-old Andrea Curry-Demus of second-degree murder and kidnapping in the July 2008 death of Kia Johnson.

Prosecutors say Curry-Demus lured the 18-year-old Johnson to her home, bound her, removed the baby and tried to pass it off as her own. The baby now is living with Johnson's relatives.

The prosecution argued that, despite her mental problems, Curry-Demus knew right from wrong and should be convicted of first-degree murder.
Curry-Demus faces an automatic life sentence, but the judge's finding allows her mental illness to be treated.