Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Researcher Discovers Important Documents from World War II

Pave the Way Foundation Researcher Discovers Important Documents from World War II

More than 2300 pages of documentation, now available for historic study, shed further light on the activities of Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church from 1940-1945.

New York. June 16, 2009- The New York based Pave the Way Foundation (PTWF) has announced the discovery of over 2300 pages of original documents from the war years 1940-1945 during the course of our private research of the papacy of the war time Pope Pius XII. Many of these documents along with other previous discoveries are available for international viewing on our website www.ptwf.org. An initial review of the documents gives strong support to the argument that Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli) worked diligently to save Jews from Nazi tyranny.

President of PTWF, Gary Krupp has stated, “In the furtherance of our mission to identify and eliminate obstacles between religions, PTWF has been engaged in a multiyear private research project to publicize the actions of the Vatican during WWII. With over 1000 books written on this subject, it became painfully obvious that this controversy will never be resolved even after the opening of the Vatican Secret Archives up to 1958.”

This large discovery was made in a very small diocese in a monastery in Avellino, Italy. It is possible (and likely) that many more vital documents could be found in larger dioceses, if researchers simply took the time to look.

Additionally, PTWF German representative Michael Hesemann has researched just a few documents from the Vatican Secret Archives, which are currently open up to 1939. Here again we discovered many examples of the direct actions and of the pastoral ministry of Eugenio Pacelli (Pius XII) to save Jews from Nazi tyranny. We also located documented proof of Pacelli’s direct intercession to protect the Jews of Palestine from the Ottoman Turks in 1917 and his encouraging the idea of the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine in 1925.

Gary Krupp further stated “Since presumed history has been the justification for hatred, vendettas and wars throughout civilized human existence, aren’t the historians charged with a moral and vital responsibility to get the story straight? People are killed every day because of historical vendettas. A personal disappointment resulting from our research was the realization that we all have been let down by many who represent themselves as historians. These individuals, with private agendas, have simply failed to research the evidence of this era properly and have remained silent when the absurd fanatics manipulate the truth. If PTWF, as amateur fact finders, can uncover so much information, how is it that the so-called historians and academic institutions have allowed the 46-year-old assessment of Pius XII to continue unchallenged? The universal academic response to this historical void has only been that “we reserve judgment of Pacelli until the Vatican opens the un-catalogued section of full papacy of Pius XII.” The result of this academic negligence has been discord and anger among people.”

The universal accolades and gratitude to Pope Pius XII was radically changed in 1963 with the performances of the fictitious play The Deputy by Rolf Hochhuth performed five years after his death. We have discovered, through confirmed testimony that this play was part of a KGB plot called “seat 12”, which was strategically planned to destroy the reputation of the Catholic Church. One must compare this intentional manipulation of facts to that of Rolf Hochhuth’s close friend David Irving who, as the world famous Holocaust denier, still preaches his distorted account of the holocaust under the label of historian.

From our unbiased research, and based on the mountains of evidence we have discovered, the undeniable conclusion is that Pope Pius XII was a true hero of WWII. Quite possibly he saved more Jews than all of the world’s religious and political leaders combined. Moreover, in the true spirit of heroism, he did all this with the direct threat of German rifles leveled 200 yards under his very windows.