Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Pope John Paul II film could outsell Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

A film of the late John Paul II has been released featuring speeches he made set to music ranging from Gregorian chants to trip-hip hop.

Simon Boswell – an agnostic British composer of horror movie scores – was given unprecedented freedom to edit the Pope's voice for Santo Subito!, which means "canonise him quickly".

The phrase was displayed on banners held up at the Pope's funeral in 1995.

“The visuals resemble a pop video, a lot of it is quite trippy," Boswell said.

Described by Boswell as a “celebration of JPII’s life” he said the project was unlike any other, the Irish Independent reports.

“I have felt very moved and I've almost felt guided or watched over in a way I haven't felt before,” he said.

"I've felt privileged and an empathy towards the subject that I very often don't.

"If 5 per cent of all Catholics buy it, this will sell more copies than Michael Jackson's Thriller."