Monday, 13 November 2006

A thought on Iraq

The Holy See (and Pope John Paul II in particular) was against both Iraqi wars, but always acknowledged the moral and Christian character of both Bush presidents. In particular their defence of the unborn and of family life has been and is exceedingly commendable.

In respect to the war in Iraq, by hindsight we can see the wisdom of the Holy See in its opposition to the invasion, but now the same Holy See is very much against a simple pull-out. Iraq has to be defended and helped to survive.

There are some who think the Coalition should simply get out (in the same way that some previous members of the 'Coalition of the Willing' simply got out) and leave it to the beleaguered Iraqis. But what would happen then? Look at what is happening now! Consider the immense carnage and murder perpetrated by the insurgents on the defenceless population. Would not this continue?

It is a strange situation in which the mayhem and destruction going on in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq are presumed by so many to be the responsibility simply of the Americans. This seems to me to be an absurdity. Were the Americans to cut and run (even if it took say, a year to do so), what would the insurgents do? They would hardly drop their arms and be peaceful. Moreover, they themselves have already announced that they plan to take the fight to the enemy once the enemy (America) has been driven out.

We cannot simply leave Iraq stranded.